We have all experienced the difference between being a just another customer and being a collaborative partner. It's the difference between being sold and being helped. At Hoonuit, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with educators over the last two decades and we look forward to building new ones.

“Hoonuit makes our work possible. Their skills and support give us the tools we need to do the hard work of transforming our education system and the lives of all the children that walk through our doors every day.”

- Marcy Lauck, Sr. Director of Data Governance, Santa Clara County Office of Education

If you’ve ever attempted to implement or build new technology, you know how difficult it can be to successfully launch it. If you’re like most of the educators we’ve talked to, you’ve experienced a failed implementation. We understand deciding who to put your trust in and what to make a priority is critical.


We have a 100% implementation success rate. We work hard to keep it that way.


Our team has a unique balance of years of deep technical experience and deep education industry knowledge. Our exceptional blend of these two enables us to not only provide the best technology available but tailor our platform and processes to meet your specific needs.

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How Do We Set You Up for Success?

Starting a new project is fraught with challenges, both known and unknown, that bog down your process and necessitate quick problem solving. We are here for you. We’ve been through this before.


Turn your vision into reality by getting your program off the ground on the right track from the start. Depending on your priorities, we’ll work with you identify the right pace and plan. The best fit might be robust and complex from the start to meet your advanced goals, you might be looking to roll out the project in phases over multiple years, or you may be looking to start small and strategic to make the biggest impact immediately. No matter what success looks like for you, we are here to provide recommendations and insight based on our experience serving over 800 school districts.


Once we have a plan in place, your dedicated team will execute flawlessly against it. Our talented project managers and solution architects work tirelessly to overcome the complexities behind the scenes to keep your project on track. We think through all of the details, such as meeting cadence and making sure the right stakeholders are involved at the right times, so you can focus on the overarching strategy.


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Meet the Team

When we promise to support you, we mean it. From the CEO on down, we all stay closely connected to our customers. Education is our passion, and every employee is empowered to support you. 


“It's exciting to work with our customers who are on the cutting-edge of bringing analytics and education together. It’s a true partnership to bring to life their vision and keep the project moving forward. ” — Shayne Kendall, Education Solutions Engineer


“As a former teacher, counselor, Principal, and district level administrator in the areas of EdTech, accountability, and innovation, it is exciting to use my experience and that of our customers to build a platform that truly answers the important questions educators need insight into.” — Courtney Stevens, Vice President of Education Research


You’ll have access to our highly skilled team of experts to help you from week to week. And our customer support team is here for any issue that may arise and will help guide you through it.


“Our passion is providing educators with the information they need to validate their gut feelings and make the best decisions possible for their students. That's why we work tirelessly to make sure our customers have access to current and accurate data every day.” — Kevin Benson, Director of Implementation Services 

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Putting Your Plan Into Action

Having worked with over 800 districts and education agencies, we’ve come up with a formula for success. With careful analysis of your needs and priorities, we’ll work together to develop a cadence for implementation that best meet your needs. Our experience helps us avoid common pitfalls, such as making sure all the right people have a seat at the table so both the technology and the end user are kept in mind.

It starts with understanding your goals, priorities, and timeline. Then we’ll map our product directly to them to identify a solution that works for you. Once the project is outlined and agreed upon, we start a targeted iteration of solution implementation, build, evaluation, and verification. This enables us to ensure, no matter the number of initiatives or integrations, nothing get missed.







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Continued Support and Success

Once your platform is up and running, we will continue to support you and grow with you. We provide ongoing technical support. From basic setup to complex integrations, Hoonuit’s team of resourceful technical support engineers is always here for you.


Furthermore, you know every new school year brings on new challenges, opportunities, and goals. We can help you use data analytics to support it all. Whether it is as simple as showing you how to configure existing set-ups or building a new module to accomplish those goals we have the technical support and solution services to make sure you see continued success.


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