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Webinar: Transformative Data Connections

Hear from Marcy Lauck who implemented one of the first educational data warehouses in the country and has built data infrastructure to help districts achieve increased student performance. As senior director of data governance strategies at SCCOE, she has worked with California school districts to create a regional warehouse. Powered by Hoonuit, the SCCOE regional data warehouse is a resource for districts that connects diparate data sources, provides data visualization and on-demand reporting allowing educators to make informed, data-driven decisions.


As part of her initiatives, Lauck has promoted creating a culture of data for administrators as well as teachers. Access to information, data literacy, and accountability all play roles in creating this culture. As a result, schools and districts have begun to identify areas of concern and implement action plans to improve student performance.


Attend the webinar to hear Lauck discuss:

  • The importance of connecting disparate data sources
  • A case study on the implementation of SCCOE’s data warehouse
  • And how their culture of data has impacted students

Watch the Webinar