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Sustained, Data-Driven, and Intensive Professional Learning

Students today are learning in a data-rich, collaborative environment with learning paths personalized to foster their strengths and meet their needs. Why aren’t more teachers learning in this same way? Hoonuit can help you take collaboration and data analysis to a whole new level with instant access to the content within our 1,500+ courses, and also an entire community of learners equipped with tools for teachers to connect, share insights, and get feedback on their learning.


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The Professional Development Process

We support educators through the entire professional development process. From authoring courses and assessments to reporting and tracking outcomes.

Professional Development Process

Transforming Professional Development

Moving from sit-and-get to a full PD ecosystem.

School districts know that “sit-and-get” professional development isn’t working and can have extreme consequences, such as high teacher turnover and poor student performance. To combat this, it is important to adopt the ongoing, rapid evolution of professional development becoming more personalized. While change in education is often slow, this necessary advancement is quickly taking shape.


What does effective professional development look like?


Effective professional development is a collaborative, personalized process of continuous improvement. At Hoonuit, we believe this means building a PD ecosystem, including six main areas:

  1. Planning – Identifying what professional development is needed, such as creating individualized plans or enrolling in a new teacher induction program.
  2. Instructional Method – Determining the ways that teachers have access to professional development, including: coaching, PLCs, conferences, consultants, university courses, online instruction, or workshops.
  3. Instructional Topics – Recognizing what subject matter is necessary to meet state standards, individual teacher growth plans, and district initiatives.
  4. Evaluation –Assessing progress and achievement to identify if a goal has been met and then determining future professional development needs.
  5. Tracking & Reporting –Collecting the courses that have been taken and the corresponding course assessment results and then producing reports needed by the state or district.
  6. Outcomes – Recognizing what goals teachers have achieved, including re-licensure, career advancement, or more effective instruction.

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PD Ecosystem Layers
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Why Hoonuit?

  • We are completely committed to education with over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. As a result, the PD we design and deliver are in context of what educators expect. We take into consideration the various regulatory and compliance requirements, national and state standards as well as pedagogical needs to support effective teaching.
  • We provide you a robust content library on our premier PD delivery system including assessments, face-to-face instructors, coaching and feedback, and competency-based mirco-credentials. Our enhanced video player provides real-time transcription and translation to support all learners. Additionally, our platform has the most advanced LTI integrations allowing it to be seamlessly operated within your learning management system (LMS).
  • We put the customer first. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide unparalleled services, including sharing industry best practices on new requirements and creating a productive data-driven culture.
  • Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers at South Western School District and Oklahoma City Public Schools have to say.
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Redefining Professional Development Under ESSA

The one-time workshop or professional development days are a thing of the past. For districts to ensure the learning opportunities they provide their teachers and staff are positively impacting student success, administrators are diving deeper to challenge the quality and delivery of PD. Hoonuit provides continuous and in-depth resources to support ongoing learning to meet the PD requirements redefined by ESSA. We also ensure teachers are prepared and empowered to reach every student effectively.


See if your professional development aligns to the new ESSA requirements by reviewing our quick reference guide.


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Our Learning Framework



Allows users to quickly and easily discover new concepts with professional learning resources on highly-relevant topics.


Provides an activity that allows the users to practice the concepts they learned by applying it in their classroom and daily lives.


Gives the opportunity to share the DoIt activity with the Hoonuit community. This provides users with the chance to share ideas, collaborate, and receive feedback.


Encourages users to demonstrate what they’ve learned and documents progress through reflection or assessment.

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