Professional Development
Online Professional Development Platform

Sustained and Intensive Professional Learning

The one-time workshop or professional development days are a thing of the past. For districts to ensure the learning opportunities they provide their teachers and staff are positively impacting student success, administrators are diving deeper to challenge the quality and delivery of PD. Hoonuit provides continuous and in-depth resources to support ongoing learning to meet the PD requirements redefined by ESSA, but also to ensure teachers are prepared and empowered to reach every student effectively.

See if your professional development aligns to the new ESSA requirements by reviewing our quick reference guide.

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Classroom Focused Training and Accredited Courses

Long gone are the days of professional development activities focused on theoretical scenarios. Teachers need enhanced learning to expand upon relevant subject matters and classroom strategies. Hoonuit provides teachers the opportunity to complete a deeper understanding of one topic and receive graduate credit for their hard work through our Pathways product. Educators can personalize their professional development to fit their needs, their school’s need and district needs.

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Data-Driven and Collaborative Learning

Students today are learning in a data-rich, collaborative environment with learning paths personalized to foster students' strengths and meet their needs. Why aren’t more teachers learning in this same way? Hoonuit can help you take collaboration and data analysis to a whole new level with instant access to not only the information available within our 1,000+ courses, but also an entire community of learners via built-in tools for teachers to connect, share insights, and get feedback on their learning.

Learn It
Allows users to quickly and easily discover new concepts with professional learning resources on highly-relevant topics.
Do It
Provides an activity that allows the users to practice the concepts they learned by applying it in their classroom and daily lives.
Share It
Gives the opportunity to share the DoIt activity with the Hoonuit community. This provides users with the chance to share ideas, collaborate, and receive feedback.
Prove It
Encourages users to demonstrate what they’ve learned and documents progress through reflection or assessment.