Hoonuit Launches Early Warning and Intervention Solution for K-12 Districts

Posted by Andrea Gronberg on Oct 10, 2017 7:03:00 AM



Because intervention planning is a highly data-driven, yet emotional process, educators often face the challenge of finding both the time and the right approaches to support at-risk students. That’s why Hoonuit, the catalyst for education excellence through data analytics and professional development, created its Early Warning solution.

Designed to improve long-term student retention and graduation rates, the Hoonuit Early Warning solution guides educators in identifying at-risk students earlier on and integrating the intervention workflow to easily and consistently track the progress of each implementation. “We have developed a student-centered solution that is informed by decades of hands-on experience to enable action and promote positive student outcomes,” said Dr. Jeff Watson, Vice President of Education Research & Consulting at Hoonuit.


The solution uses predictive analytics based on established and proven research to streamline the execution of intervention strategies through a user-friendly interface. “The Early Warning dashboards support powerful conversations among teachers and administrators,” said Marcy Lauck, Director of Data Governance for Santa Clara County Office of Education. “The ease of assigning students who are high risk in several domains—attendance and behavior, for example—to target intervention is a high leverage activity.”


Early identification is the first important component, but the progress tracking, whether it be day to day, month to month and even year over year is what makes the Hoonuit solution unique. The solution’s user experience fits into an educator’s workflow, giving the visualization on both mobile and desktop devices, identifying where to provide additional support to specific students, and then track the effects of each strategy.


“Teachers’ voices and feedback were included in the development process to ensure that the solution integrates seamlessly with regular classroom activities, which was a top priority for us,” said Paul Hesser, CEO of Hoonuit. “Intervention planning involves many moving parts. We are confident that our solution brings together all of those necessary elements in one place, in a way that teachers will actually want to use it.”


The Hoonuit Early Warning solution is now widely available to K-12 districts. To learn more, visit https://www.hoonuit.com/early-warning.


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