Hoonuit Acquires Whitewater Learning, Launches University Accredited Courses

Posted by Andrea Gronberg on Oct 24, 2017 7:24:00 AM


Hoonuit’s Pathways are now available to educators to receive university credit for personalized course completion.


Hoonuit, the catalyst for education excellence through data analytics and professional development, announces the launch of university accredited professional learning courses. The courses will be provided through Pathways, a new enhancement to Hoonuit’s online professional development solution, which groups similar modules together to provide a well-rounded study of a topic. Each pathway has required modules, and a number of elective modules to enable personalization.


Hoonuit recently acquired Whitewater Learning, adding over 80 modules of university accredited content to its library. From the robust selection of courses, teachers can explore topics that interest them, including pathways such as “Creating Your Online Course,” “Reading Essentials” and “Using Data in Education.” Each module and pathway is aligned to state and national professional development standards, falling into categories such as Assessment and Evaluation, Instructional Strategies, Technology Integration and more. Accredited courses are now available through a partnership with the University of North Dakota.


“Our partnership with the University of North Dakota is the first of many, and reflects our commitment to providing high-impact professional development options for educators,” said Paul Hesser, CEO of Hoonuit. “The accredited courses through Pathways will generate ongoing support of effective teaching and improved student outcomes in today’s classrooms.”


Hoonuit has already finalized 13 pathways with the University of North Dakota for accreditation, and plans to continue to expand its accredited course offerings and expand its university partnerships. The initial accredited courses are currently available in the Hoonuit platform.


“Through accreditation, we are able to signal to educators which professional learning content is truly going to move their teaching abilities to the next level,” said Kyle Knutson, coordinator of professional development for educators at the University of North Dakota. “This partnership recognizes the high caliber professional development opportunities offered through Hoonuit.”


To learn more about Hoonuit professional development opportunities, and its accredited courses, please visit https://www.hoonuit.com/professional-development


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