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Higher Ed Faculty Development Platform

Faculty Development

Struggling to keep relevant programming around the development of your faculty and adjuncts? You’re not alone. Driving and maintaining engagement in your faculty development initiatives is not easy, and finding personalized learning solutions to support their needs can be a demanding process. With Hoonuit, explore a variety of solutions that can be tailored to the development needs of all faculty.

Higher Ed Student Success Course

Student Success

Recent studies show, one in three students drop out of college after the first year. Although there are many reasons why this happens, lack of simple self-management and soft skills are typically the barriers to success. Implement specific first year programing with a variety of resources designed to help learners feel confident and be successful in college, career, and life.

Higher Ed Technology Skills Course

Technology Skills

Technology has certainly transformed learning. It gives us the opportunity to present the right content, at the right time for every learner and connects the learning approach directly to their needs. However, there is a very real digital skills gap among faculty and students. Learn how to harness the best of digital technology by providing relevant, skill-based resources for faculty and students alike.

Higher Ed Courses Made Accessible


 All students deserve the opportunity to learn. Digital instructional content is improving teaching and learning—particularly for students with unique needs. However, lack of skills among institution faculty and adjuncts to successfully reach students with disabilities is inadvertently building a barrier to learning. Ensure that not only the tools and content your institution leverages are compliant with the latest accessibility standards, but also offer resources to help your faculty and adjuncts with their own instructional materials they are creating or curating.

Integrates into Higher Education Learning Management Systems

LMS Integration

Learning Management Systems (LMS) play a vital role in education institutions. These powerful tools deeply enhance not only online classes but also bring digital elements into traditional courses taught. Many educators, however, struggle with how to integrate and optimize the learning environment and instructional content for their students within an LMS. Not only do we seamlessly integrate with nearly every LMS available, we provide comprehensive training to ensure utilization of the tool.

Compliance Training for Higher Ed Faculty

Compliance Training

Colleges and universities need to ensure their faculty and staff understand and remain in compliance with key rules, laws, and regulations related to running a higher education institution. Address important issues head-on with a proactive approach to avoid severe penalties and protect your reputation. Hoonuit provides effective online compliance training experiences built for education to ensure your staff adheres to regulations and encourages a positive workplace culture.

Learn It

Allows users to quickly and easily discover new concepts with professional learning resources on highly-relevant topics.

Do It

Provides an activity that allows the users to practice the concepts they learned by applying it in their classroom and daily lives.

Share It

Gives the opportunity to share the DoIt activity with the Hoonuit community. This provides users with the chance to share ideas, collaborate and receive feedback.

Prove It

Encourages users to demonstrate what they’ve learned and documents progress through reflection or assessment.


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