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Ensure your faculty, staff, and students are prepared for ongoing success with 24/7 online learning resources that address some of today’s most common challenges.

  • Faculty Development: Save your professors, adjuncts, and staff time by providing flexible learning opportunities on the most relevant topics that fit within their busy schedules.
  • Student Success: Support student retention and engagement with college specific self-management skills—perfect for first year students, including resources on Choosing a Major, Succeeding in an Online Class, Managing Money, and more.
  • Technology Training: Provide both your faculty and students with the training they need to capitalize on technology investments you have made and prepare them to use it both in the classroom and workforce.
  • Compliance Training: Offer HR consistent and required staff compliance training that aligns with necessary topics to enhance faculty and staff skill sets and knowledge on a consistent basis.


Hoonuit can help you transform collaboration and eLearning with instant access to courses, assessments, and pathways designed to tackle these challenges. Additionally, you'll have the ability to create your own content with our course creation toolkit. All is housed on our best-in-class, accessible platform that can integrate seamlessly into your LMS. Learn more in our solution overview.


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Faculty Development

Struggling to keep relevant programming to help with the development of your faculty and adjuncts? You’re not alone. Driving and maintaining engagement in your faculty development initiatives is not easy. Finding personalized learning solutions to support their needs, from first year professor onboarding to advanced technology use, can be a demanding process. With Hoonuit, you can explore a variety of solutions that can be tailored to the development needs of all faculty. Our library provides an on-demand resource for faculty to acquire the critical skills needed to transform their teaching and learning styles.


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Why Hoonuit?

  • We are completely committed to education with over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. As a result, the PD we design and deliver are in context of what educators expect. We take into consideration the various regulatory and compliance requirements, national and state standards as well as pedagogical needs to support effective teaching.
  • We provide you a robust content library provide on our premier platform including assessments, coaching and feedback, and competency-based mirco-credentials. Additionally, our platform has the most advanced LTI integrations allowing it to be seamlessly operated within your learning management system (LMS).
  • We put the customer first. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide unparalleled services, including sharing industry best practices on new requirements and creating a productive data-driven culture.
  • Don't just take our word for it. Hear what one of our customers at Loyola University in Chicago has to say.

We Are Committed to Accessibility

It is our goal at Hoonuit to ensure our solution is 508 and WCAG compliant. We recently went through an extensive accessibility audit conducted by a 3rd party vendor. Upon receiving the results, we made enhancements to our product, which is compliant with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 in accordance with our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and WCAG Support Statement. We understand that online and blended learning is a large focus right now, and educators can confidently use our online learning modules for personal development or in their online courses. Hoonuit also provides the necessary training for faculty and staff that outlines how to create accessible course content and documents for their students.


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Technology Skills Course

Technology Skills

Technology has certainly transformed learning. It gives us the opportunity to present the right content, at the right time for every learner and connects the learning approach directly to their needs. However, there is a very real digital skills gap among faculty and students. Many colleges and universities do not have the man power to provide 24/7 access to resources and technology training to address this gap. Hoonuit helps your faculty, staff, and students harness the best of digital technology by providing relevant, skill-based resources for all in an on-demand environment.


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Student Success

Recent studies show, 30 percent of students drop out of college after the first year. Although there are many reasons why this happens, lack of simple self-management and soft skills are typically the barriers to success.


Hoonuit is dedicated to providing cost effective, yet innovative solutions to the key challenges that colleges and universities face. We help higher education institutions implement specific first year programing with a variety of resources designed to help learners feel confident and be successful in college, career, and beyond.


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LMS Course

LMS Integration

Learning Management Systems (LMS) play a vital role in higher education institutions. These powerful tools deeply enhance not only online classes but also digital elements brought into traditional courses. Many educators, however, struggle with how to integrate and optimize the learning environment and instructional content for their students within an LMS. Using our superior LTI capabilities, all 1,500+ of our courses can be made available through your LMS without the end user seeing a difference. We also seamlessly integrate with nearly every LMS available and provide comprehensive training to ensure effective use of the tool.


Learn more about how to utilize your LMS for eLearning in our white paper, Leveraging Your LMS: A Guide for Higher Education.


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Our Learning Framework



Allows users to quickly and easily discover new concepts with professional learning resources on highly-relevant topics.


Provides an activity that allows the users to practice the concepts they learned by applying it in their classroom and daily lives.


Gives the opportunity to share the DoIt activity with the Hoonuit community. This provides users with the chance to share ideas, collaborate, and receive feedback.


Encourages users to demonstrate what they’ve learned and documents progress through reflection or assessment.

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