Finance & Operations Data Management
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Combining Finance, Employment and Operational Data to Create Insights

Provide every student with equal access to a high-quality education while optimizing per student expenditures. Hoonuit's finance and operations analytics solution offers districts transparency into their finance and operations information to make data-driven decisions. By bringing together all disparate data sources (from SIS to finance to program specific metrics), we provide an all-encompassing data dashboard, so you can improve resource allocation, promote impactful action and support every student.

Understand Per Student Spending

District Administrators are challenged by the inability to analyze specific program outcomes against the true costs of those programs. How do you know if your spending is making an impact? How do you assure that services are being offered equitably across schools and are based on student needs? Hoonuit supports districts’ goals to improve fiscal efficiencies by quickly making the connection between per-student spending and successful outcomes to ensure every dollar is placed where it will make the biggest difference.


Read more about how ESSA is impacting financial data reporting in our blog post.


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Why Hoonuit?

  • We are completely committed to education with over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. Using our collective experience working with districts to create intuitive, educator-focused analytics.
  • We provide you with an unprecedented level of granularity by using our advanced data model, integrated with any SIS, financial, or HR system (including generic data-loaders). Paired with our robust, scalable, and secure platform for seamless data processing.
  • We put the customer first. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide unparalleled services, including sharing industry best practices on new requirements and creating a productive data-driven culture.
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Organize Your Staff to Your Students' Needs

Comparing teacher qualifications with student performance can be a very manual process. How do you understand which teachers are being most effective? How do you ensure ineffective teachers are getting the help they need to best serve their students?


Hoonuit brings together data that will easily report which teachers are highly effective and surface those who might benefit from professional development.

Climate Survey Response

Optimize Operations

Logistical operations—from managing facilities to analyzing findings from stakeholder feedback—can leave district administration feeling overwhelmed with disconnected operational oversight. Where do you track and oversee the process and workflows occurring in your district? How do you know if any of it is making an impact? Hoonuit aids you through a standardized structure to ensure your operations are moving in the right direction to optimize your institution.


Learn more about our solution and how you can get the most ROI from your budget.


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How It Works

Data Analytics Pyramid

From Disparate Data to Actionable Insights

Educators and administrators don’t lack data—they lack information. Hoonuit goes beyond the individual data points and provides actionable insights. Our end-to-end data analytics solution provides you with reporting, analytics, and data visualization all in one place, allowing you to access, query, analyze, and use data to inform policies, practice, and decision-making at all levels of the organization. Discover the foundational elements of our data analytics solution.


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Unprecedented Data Management

Unprecedented Data Management

We help you connect all your data to create a comprehensive source of information.

Intuitive Dashboard Tools

Powerful Platform

Our robust, scalable, and secure platform allows for seamless data processing.

Paramount Predictive Analytics

Intuitive Dashboard Tools

Our dashboards allow your data to tell a meaningful story and guide you to action.

Built for Educators

Built for Educators

Access data views and actions specifically designed by educators, for educator and district workflows.

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