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The Data You Need When and Where You Need It

Hoonuit's essential data analytics solution offers districts transparent accountability reporting to make data-driven decisions. By bringing together all disparate data sources, we provide an all-encompassing data dashboard, so you can improve resource allocation, promote impactful action and support every student.


  • Successfully navigate ESSA’s reporting requirements
  • Efficiently report district and state compliant metrics
  • Bring your data together to take informed action to support every student


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ESSA Accountability Reporting

Data-Driven School Improvement

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is driving positive change in the way schools and districts report accountability information. The challenge, though, is transforming your data to meet the updated reporting requirements while also making the information actionable to affect positive change in your schools. Hoonuit allows for data integration into any educational system with detailed analysis, accountability measures, and key tracking of outcomes that can be presented to stakeholders through informative summaries and actionable outcomes.


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Why Hoonuit?

  • We are completely committed to education with over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. Using our collective experience working with districts to create intuitive, educator-focused analytics.
  • We provide you with an unprecedented level of granularity by using our advanced data model, integrated with any SIS, financial, or HR system (including generic data-loaders). Paired with our robust, scalable, and secure platform for seamless data processing.
  • We put the customer first. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide unparalleled services, including sharing industry best practices on new requirements and creating a productive data-driven culture.
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Improving Data Literacy

Bring Your Data to Life

Educators and administrators don’t lack data—they lack information. For a robust system of data to be impactful within a district, a data-driven culture needs to exist. This means educators need to easily understand and use data. Data literacy topics provided through professional development is critical, however it can only go so far. If a data warehouse does not have an educator-friendly platform, administrators and teacher do not have time to de-code the data.


Sifting through different dashboards, spreadsheets, and homegrown charts can leave you with even more questions and no real answers. Hoonuit supports educators by making the data and analytics interpretation more user friendly through intuitive dashboards. Hoonuit delivers an analytics platform that easily provides pieces of insight to allow your data to tell a meaningful story and guide you to action.


Download our white paper, Sketching An Administrator's Role in Fostering Data Literacy, to discover the state of data literacy and steps you can take to improve data literacy.


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Integrating Data Sources

Integrating Data Sources

One Source of Truth

School districts are often not getting the full picture of their institution’s student achievements because they have several disparate systems in place, including SIS, financial, and HR. Manually bringing this data together can be laborious and the results are almost immediately outdated. Yet districts also don’t have the infrastructure or bandwidth to build an internal data warehouse.


Hoonuit’s data analytics solution has easy input processes and extensive data connectors to integrate all your data into a single source of information so you and your educators are equipped to take action. Hoonuit supports educators with a comprehensive data analytics solution while presenting you with the essential information you need to quickly and effectively impact student success.

How It Works

Data Analytics Pyramid

From Disparate Data to Actionable Insights

Educators and administrators don’t lack data—they lack information. Hoonuit goes beyond the individual data points and provides actionable insights. Our end-to-end data analytics solution provides you with reporting, analytics, and data visualization all in one place, allowing you to access, query, analyze, and use data to inform policies, practice, and decision-making at all levels of the organization. Discover the foundational elements of our data analytics solution.


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Unprecedented Data Management

Unprecedented Data Management

We help you connect all your data to create a comprehensive source of information.

Intuitive Dashboard Tools

Powerful Platform

Our robust, scalable, and secure platform allows for seamless data processing.

Paramount Predictive Analytics

Intuitive Dashboard Tools

Our dashboards allow your data to tell a meaningful story and guide you to action.

Built for Educators

Built for Educators

Access data views and actions specifically designed by educators, for educator and district workflows.

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  • State Specific Report Card
  • Drill Down Information
  • Actionable Insight
  • Integrate Data Sources


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