Early Warning & Intervention

Improved Risk Identification

Districts, schools, and educators trying to identify students who are at risk are often limited to confusing sources of data that are cumbersome to use and hard to consume. In order to achieve the outcomes you care about it is necessary to improve educators’ ability to assess risk and the effectiveness of their interventions every day. Hoonuit’s Early Warning solution helps teachers understand why students are at risk and what options teachers have to take action.


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Data Tracking and Predictive Analytics to Make Informed Decisions

Meaningful Interventions

There are many tools out there claiming to do early warning or intervention or both. Push aside the charts and graphs that leave too much to interpretations and start leveraging a solution that was built for your intervention workflow from the ground up. Hoonuit supports you in implementing and running a scalable intervention program with fidelity. Teachers can match students to effective interventions, efficiently administer the specific support students need, and track whether the intervention is making a difference in student success.

Check out our recent white paper, Facilitating Effective Interventions, to learn more about emerging early warning systems.

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Mobile Optimized for Actionable Insight

Designed for the Classroom Workflow

Historically, effective intervention has been a complex and time-consuming task. Teachers don’t want to take time away from instruction in order to administer a rigid process into a system. Everything you need as a classroom teacher should be at your fingertips. Hoonuit designed a solution to surface information and indicate immediate steps teachers need to take. This view supports on the go actions that can be seen at a quick glance and executed on a mobile device. Teachers can fluidly view students, group students, or manage their entire class in a way that makes sense to them.


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Unprecedented Data Management
Unprecedented Data Management
Implement efficiently and transform data effectively with out-of-the-box deployment options.
Intuitive Dashboard Tools
Intuitive Dashboard Tools
Easily access actionable data visualizations to make faster, more informed decisions.
Paramount Predictive Analytics
Paramount Predictive Analytics
Utilize education intelligence transformed into useful and valuable information, that is integrated into educator workflows.
Built for Educators
Built for Educators
Access data views and actions specifically designed for educators and built for state education school and classroom workflows.


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