Essential District Data and Analytics in a Central Dashboard

The Data You Need When and Where You Need It

School districts are often not getting a full picture of their institutions with their student information systems, yet districts don’t have the infrastructure or bandwidth for a complete data warehouse. How do we find a happy medium? Hoonuit supports educators with complete data analytics solutions while presenting you with the essential information you need to quickly and effectively run your schools and enable student success.


District Data and Analytics Brought to Life

Bringing Your Data to Life

Educators and administrators don’t lack datathey lack information. Sifting through different dashboards, spreadsheets, and homegrown charts can leave you with even more questions and no real answers to your results. Hoonuit supports educators by delivering an analytics platform and tools that easily provide pieces of insight to allow your data to tell a meaningful story and guide you to action.

Data Visualization of Essential District Information

Data-Driven School Improvement

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is driving positive change in the way schools and districts report accountability information. The challenge, though, is transforming your data to meet the updated reporting requirements while also making that same information actionable for positive change in your schools. Hoonuit allows for detailed analysis, accountability measures, and key tracking of outcomesall with transparent communication and actionable presentation to stakeholders.


Discover the full impact of ESSA on reporting in our white paper, How Your District Can Navigate ESSA's Reporting Requirements.

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Unprecedented Data Management
Unprecedented Data Management
Implement efficiently and transform data effectively with out-of-the-box deployment options.
Intuitive Dashboard Tools
Intuitive Dashboard Tools
Easily access actionable data visualizations to make faster, more informed decisions.
Paramount Predictive Analytics
Paramount Predictive Analytics
Utilize education intelligence transformed into useful and valuable information, that is integrated into the decision-making process.
Built for Educators
Built for Educators
Access data views and actions specifically designed for educators and built for district workflows.
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