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Support Readiness for College, Career, and Life

School districts strive to support students academically, personally, and professionally. Achieving this is a difficult set of tasks that includes a continuous collection of outcomes within the district and out in the community. How do you determine the right paths for students, let alone how they are tracking on their route to success? Relying on stale data and disconnected information sources is not going to cut it in today’s competitive world.


Hoonuit is committed to providing districts and the families they serve with on-demand access to data from inside and outside of the district to initiate the right conversations and give students the best opportunities for success. We empower administrators to monitor data related to post-secondary success in trade, 2-year, and 4-year institutions by way of National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) data. At a district level, users can compare graduation success between schools and predict students’ readiness based on the district’s unique makeup. Additionally, we provide the professional learning resources educators need to capitalize on data analytics and take action to prepare students for college and beyond.

Using Predictive Analytics to Proactively Prepare Students

Time and time again we see secondary school level programing striving to prepare students for graduation and more importantly, their journeys beyond. Programs of enrichment to programs of remediation flood high schools across the country. How can you ensure you address the obstacles between students and their goals before they get behind? How can you start earlier?


Hoonuit helps you leverage predictive analytics to confidently keep students on a path to success throughout their K-12 journey. Our best-in-class predictive machine learning and statistical modeling approach leads the education industry in precision, accuracy, and performance by utilizing the broadest data set, uncovering optimizations to minimize under and over identification of students, and allowing for the ability to update our actionable indicators on the most frequent cycle in the market. This allows us to highlight students who are getting flagged on short-term indicators and take action immediately.

College and Career Readiness Post-Secondary Achievement Dashboard

Why Hoonuit?

  • We are completely committed to education with over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. Using our collective experience working with districts to create intuitive, educator-focused analytics. Additionally, we take into consideration the various regulatory and compliance requirements, national and state standards as well as pedagogical needs to support effective teaching.
  • We provide you with an unprecedented level of granularity by using our advanced data model, integrated with any SIS, financial, or HR system (including generic data-loaders). Paired with our robust, scalable, and secure platform for seamless data processing.
  • We provide you a robust content library provide on our premier PD delivery system including assessments, face-to-face instructors, coaching and feedback, and competency-based mirco-credentials. Additionally, our platform has the most advanced LTI integrations allowing it to be seamlessly operated within your learning management system (LMS).
  • We put the customer first. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide unparalleled services, including sharing industry best practices on new requirements and creating a productive data-driven culture.
Research Essentials Course

Professional Learning for Educators and Students Readiness

It is essential to have a plan in place with the necessary resources to support graduating student as they pursue their varying future paths. But how do teachers prepare all students to succeed once they take their next step? Making data-driven decisions that have a focus around college and career readiness throughout high school is vital so as to prepare students to go after a future of their making.   


Hoonuit provides professional learning resources so educators can give students confidence in their next step. Our online learning modules are created to support teachers in their ability to convey to students the skills they need to succeed in college, career and beyond. These range from technology training, how to succeed in an online learning environment and even what is needed to land an interview or job. Our courses are designed to set teachers up for success in the classroom that translates to student success later.


Read our blog post on how one educator is supporting teachers with professional learning resources to prepare upcoming high school graduates for the future.


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College and Career Readiness On/Off Track View

Uniting Disparate Sources to Create Data Insights

Combining CCR data with additional information

Preparing students for college, career, and beyond is critical, but can be ineffective in a silo. Combining additional data sources such as early warning and intervention information or social and emotional data can enable educators to make better informed and more impactful decisions. 


Our unprecedented analytics solution provides the ability to perform high cardinality analysis across various disparate and disconnected data silos. This cross-domain correlation and interoperability is foundational to gaining a holistic view of students while empowering educators to take action. Hoonuit supports educators with a comprehensive data analytics solution presents you with the essential information you need to quickly and effectively impact student success.

How It Works

Data Analytics Pyramid

From Disparate Data to Actionable Insights

Educators and administrators don’t lack data—they lack information. Hoonuit goes beyond the individual data points of college and career readiness, such as academic performance and test scores, and provides actionable insights. Our end-to-end data analytics solution provides you with reporting, analytics, and data visualization all in one place, allowing you to access, query, analyze, and use data to inform policies, practice, and decision-making at all levels of the organization. Discover the foundational elements of our data analytics solution.


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Unprecedented Data Management

Unprecedented Data Management

We help you connect all your data to create a comprehensive source of information.

Powerful Platform

Powerful Platform

Our robust, scalable, and secure platform allows for seamless data processing.

Intuitive Dashboard Tools

Intuitive Dashboard Tools

Our dashboards allow your data to tell a meaningful story and guide you to action.

Built for Educators

Built for Educators

Access data views and actions specifically designed by educators, for educator and district workflows.

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