The Importance of Faculty Development

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Helping faculty keep up to date on current technologies to develop online and blended classes is crucial in keeping your institution competitive, in meeting the needs of your students, and in providing relevant professional development to your faculty.


One of Hoonuit’s specialties is helping faculty create online and blended courses through self-paced, online professional development modules. If a faculty member is a beginner at building an online course, we have modules on Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas. If they want to improve their online course, we have modules that discuss best practices in creating engaging content and being present in your online class. We even have modules to help your students be successful in an online learning environment.


The offering of robust online and blended courses is a growing demand, and it will only continue to progress. Hoonuit’s self-paced professional development can help your faculty keep up with the growing demand, no matter their current level of confidence.


Check out some of our online learning modules below:


Online Teaching Presence Using the Community of Inquiry Model

When designing and teaching an online course, it is important to include the Community of Inquiry (COI) model in that design to ensure that the student interacts with the instructor, the other students, and the content of the course. All three aspects of COI are equally important and influence each other. In this module, teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence will be reviewed and examples will be given on how to infuse COI into the design of an online course.


Designing Your Online Course

Learning to teach online and to develop online classes can feel very foreign. In this module, you will learn how to translate face-to-face courses to the online environment. You will learn about what it's like to facilitate an online course and the new skills required in this environment. You will learn to create an online syllabus, including creating measurable learning objectives, and assessments, learning activities, and content delivery methods that align with those objectives. You will learn about tools and strategies for assessing student work in the online environment and how to create active, engaging lessons. You will also learn to choose, design, and curate content delivery methods for online delivery.


Teaching Online: The Basics

If you're new to teaching online, this learning module will walk through some of the basics, such as what to include, how to add a variety of media, and tips on communicating with your students.


Teaching Online and Hybrid

Whether you are a novice just starting out or an experienced online instructor looking to enhance your skills, this program explores quality course design, how to maintain academic excellence, and strategies to engage students in an online environment. Experts discuss best practices in building online and hybrid courses.


Accessible Online Course

Are your online courses and resources accessible? From video captions to keyboard navigation, online course accessibility is a multifaceted topic. The videos in this learning module show you how to check for accessibility and fix problems, should you find them.


Creating Engaging Lessons Online

Many constraints are being put on traditional classes concerning time and material to be covered. As a result, many teachers have started using online materials and activities to teach the material effectively. However, creating online lessons is very different from creating lessons for the classroom. This online course takes you through the information you need to know to create engaging online lessons successfully. Whether you are supplementing your face-to-face class with flipped lessons or you are taking your course entirely online, the information in this course will help you get started.


Hoonuit provides professional learning specifically for higher education professors and adjuncts to develop the critical skills they need to succeed.

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