TCEA 2018 Recap

Posted by Jaime Donally on Feb 13, 2018 5:13:55 PM



If I had to explain the TCEA 2018 conference with one word, it would be whirlwind. From the time I left my house to drive to TCEA to the time I returned home, every minute was spent learning with incredible educators. I’m fortunate to be part of an enormous PLN (personal learning network) that collaborates on Twitter and Voxer. While the learning is intense at conferences, it doesn’t end there as we continue our conversations before and after the events.


Most of the sessions I provided at TCEA this year were specifically on immersive technology: augmented, virtual and mixed reality. The timing was perfect for my AR/VR module that was released on the first day of the conference. If you’re not a Hoonuit subscriber, but would like to check it out, sign up here for a trial. During the conference, I had the opportunity to share six sessions that directly connected with the module, and I can’t wait for educators to extend the learning into their classroom with these resources.


Another favorite topic at TCEA included a shift for students to move from content consumers to content creators. As many of the tools shared may be a benefit to the teacher, the desire to see more student creation tools seemed to be more prevalent this year. Even the vendor hall had many more creation opportunities for our students, and I believe this trend will continue to grow. 


As stated by Amy Storer, “What are my biggest takeaways from conferences? The connections!” She found the value of the education community, and collaborating on various topics from the experts in the field is one of the many benefits of attending conferences. While I spent most of my time at TCEA providing sessions, the other part of my time was spent with some of those experts in the Hoonuit booth for #HoonuitLIVE.


If you're unfamiliar with this event, I’ll sum it up. The Hoonuit Learning Ambassadors provide free professional development on various topics and deliver it virtually. Since the event was hosted at TCEA, we were able to interview these individuals LIVE and share out the various topics under personalized learning to educators around the world. If you missed these sessions, you could still watch them here. Below are the topics we covered and the individuals who provided their expertise.

 HoonuitLIVE Sessions at TCEA.png


One of our Learning Ambassadors, Claudio Zavala, led the interviews on the last day of #HoonuitLIVE. Following the event, Claudio stated, “I can tell from the interviews that each person has a passion for the work they are doing to improve education and making learning experiences for students meaningful.” Each speaker was inspirational and believed in supporting the learning community for the benefit of our students.


I had the chance to connect with friends and peers around the state and beyond throughout the TCEA events. I’ve captured them below and stay tuned for more TCEA posts to come. Up next, ICE 2018 in Chicago!




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