Addressing the Needs of ELLs with Hoonuit's New Media Player

Learn how we have enhanced our media player to help professional learning be more accessible to ELLs and their families.

Topics: Technology in the Classroom, Product Update, Tools, Accessible PD

Implement AR/VR Tools for Special Populations

"Most teachers want workshops to provide learning on new and better ways of teaching, but also the tools to take back and use now."

Topics: Professional Development, Early Warning & Intervention, Technology in the Classroom

Get Started with Virtual Reality

Get inspired to bring virtual reality into your classroom with a list of tools, apps, and resources.

Topics: Digital Transformation, EdTech, Technology in the Classroom

9 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into Any Lesson Plan

Make lesson plans simple with these technology integration tools.

Topics: Professional Development, Technology in the Classroom

Introducing Hoonuit's Early Warning Solution

Hoonuit's new Early Warning tool uses predictive analytics to proactively identify at-risk students and keep them on track to graduation.

Topics: EdTech, Data Management, New Product Launch, Data & Analytics, Early Warning & Intervention, Technology in the Classroom, Product Update

Building Makers with #GlobalMakerDay

The start of #GlobalMakerDay began spring of 2016 to inspire our classrooms to think different about making.

Topics: makerspace, globally connected, Maker, Technology in the Classroom

Moving Beyond a PDF

Over the last few years, I have worked with instructors to help them understand the differences between using technology and integrating technology. Technology should not merely recreate what can be done with paper and pencil. Rather, it should add value and create entirely new experiences.

Topics: Technology Implementation, Technology in the Classroom

Exploring Minecraft with Force and Motion

Not only am I playing a game, but I am applying different science concepts and math!

Topics: K12, Minecraft, Science, Force and Motion, Technology in the Classroom

My First NASA Social: A Summer Professional Development Experience

Ever wonder how you could connect with NASA? NASA Social has meetups at different NASA facilities across the country. In order to attend one of these amazing events, all you have to do is apply.

Topics: Professional Development, Back to School, NASA, Technology in the Classroom

Chromebook Crazy

There are so many things that make me crazy for Chromebooks. I have always loved Chromebooks for their ease when accessing G Suite and living in a Google Ecosystem, but lately, they have become even more!

Topics: Technology in the Classroom