[Infographic] Sample Flipped PLC Agenda

Discover how a flipped PLC can increase engagement. View the sample agenda to uncover the key elements of a flipped PLC meeting.

Topics: Professional Development, PLC

How to Motivate Professors to Engage with Development

Educators are naturally lifelong learners that continue to learn about the topics they teach but also learn from their students and peers.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development

Hoonuit's Customizable Course Authoring for Personalized PD

Learn how administrators are able to customize Hoonuit course content to align it to their specific district goals.

Topics: Professional Development, EdTech, Product Update

Why PD is Critical to Teacher Retention

Effective professional development programs not only support teachers as they grow in their careers, but can improve district-level teacher retention.

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What's New with Hoonuit

Learn more about recent updates from Hoonuit including new products, a new name and new team members!

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Customer Success Story: Oklahoma City Public Schools

Using Hoonuit’s intuitive platform, the Oklahoma City Public School District managed to consolidate and streamline its PD processes.

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Helping Teachers Help Themselves

Give educators the power to take ownership of their learning.

Topics: Professional Development, K12

Implement AR/VR Tools for Special Populations

"Most teachers want workshops to provide learning on new and better ways of teaching, but also the tools to take back and use now."

Topics: Professional Development, Early Warning & Intervention, Technology in the Classroom

4 Key Questions on Digital Literacy

4 Key Questions to Guide Learners in Digital Literacy

Topics: Professional Development, Digital Citizenship

Custom Training Ideas

Add custom training in Hoonuit that it can be searched for, recommended, assigned, and added to favorites.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development, Technology Implementation