Technology & Instructional Team Collaboration in Tacoma Public Schools

Encouraging collaboration between technology and instructional teams is key to creating a district-wide data culture.

Topics: Professional Development, Data Literacy, Data & Analytics

ISTE Focus Group Reflection: Professional Learning Experiences

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a group of educators at ISTE 2018 — here are the successes, challenges, and concerns they shared with me.

Topics: Professional Development

How to Develop and Find Value in a PLN

I was worried that social media and connecting virtually might be a waste of time. However, I have been able to build a strong network of educators that have helped me grow and inspire me. Here are a few tips I would recommend so you can do the same.

Topics: PLN, Professional Development

Putting it into Practice with Hoonuit's Learning Framework

Learn about how Hoonuit's comprehensive learning framework can enhance your professional learning experience through application-based learning.

Topics: Professional Development, Hoonuit

3 Do's and 3 Don'ts for Conference Attendees

We all love conferences. They are the perfect blend of learning, networking, and having fun.

Topics: Personalized Learning, Professional Development

Engage in Learning this Summer: 10 Skills to Master

Next year will demand a new version of you! Here are a few suggestions to ensure that this upcoming year you will thrive instead of just trying to survive.

Topics: Personalized Learning, Professional Development, Learning Ambassador, K12

The Good, The Bad, The PD

Effective teachers can engage students in a way that brings inclusion, connectivity and meaningful learning to their classroom. Professional Development of teachers must be built around the idea of supporting the factors that make an effective teacher.

Topics: Professional Development, Learning Ambassadors

The Importance of Faculty Development

The offering of robust online and blended courses is a growing demand, and it will only continue to progress.

Topics: Higher Education, Online Learning, Professional Development

Building Social Capital Through a Learning Network

We work to develop lasting relationships with students, parents, teachers, and families, but our reach can extend beyond those groups.

Topics: Learning Ambassador, Professional Development, Course Preview, Administration

The Shift in PD

There is a costly problem with with the way school districts currently implement professional development programs for teachers.

Topics: Professional Development