Behavior Cheat Sheet

We sometimes inadvertently reinforce the behavior by reprimanding the student, which gives the student attention, thereby reinforcing the behavior.

Topics: Early Warning & Intervention, Intervention, Learning Ambassadors

The Good, The Bad, The PD

Effective teachers can engage students in a way that brings inclusion, connectivity and meaningful learning to their classroom. Professional Development of teachers must be built around the idea of supporting the factors that make an effective teacher.

Topics: Professional Development, Learning Ambassadors

Personalized Learning and Student Achievement

What if you could offer each of your students their own flexible and customized learning pathway for them to master the content?

Topics: Learning Ambassadors, K12, Maker, student success

Claudio at TCEA 2018

The 38th annual convention featured over 1,000 sessions and hands-on workshops for educators to learn best practices for integrating technology across their campuses, classrooms, and libraries.

Topics: Educator Story, Professional Development, Learning Ambassadors, Connected Educator, K12

TCEA 2018 Recap

"If I had to explain the TCEA 2018 conference with one word, it would be whirlwind."

Topics: Learning Ambassadors, Professional Development, Technology in the Classroom

Learning Ambassadors Back to School Resources

We’ve had an exciting summer with our Learning Ambassadors as we connected at conferences and virtual events. As the summer has come to a close, our Ambassadors have been reflecting on back to school resources that will help you have a successful start of the school year.

Topics: Back to School, Learning Ambassadors, Technology in the Classroom