Hoonuit Commits to Accessible Content

Hoonuit is making a point to having compliant content under Section 508 and WCAG. Learn more about how we have and will continue to make our PD courses accessible.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development, Accessibility Requirements

The Importance of Meeting Accessibility Requirements

Accessibility is about giving every student an equal chance at academic success. That means making online resources and information systems easy to use for students with disabilities.

Topics: Higher Education, Accessibility Requirements

Hoonuit’s “Keys to Networking and Internships” Module Gives Tips for Student Confidence in Job Search

Learn the tips and tricks for students to go through the career search process with confidence.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development, student success

Research Debrief: Identification of At-Risk Students and Strategies to Improve Academic Success in First Year Health Programs

Early indicators of student dropout or failure help educators stage academic Intervention and foster long-term student growth.

Topics: Higher Education

Professor Onboarding: First Year Professor Success

Find out how your college or university can establish an innovative, comprehensive, and sustained professor induction program.

Topics: Higher Education

How to Motivate Professors to Engage with Development

Educators are naturally lifelong learners that continue to learn about the topics they teach but also learn from their students and peers.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Institution’s LMS

A higher education institution spends significant budget on it's LMS but is that investment being leveraged? Discover 5 ways instructors can do more with a LMS.

Topics: Online Learning, Higher Education

Preparing to Teach Online

Translate face-to-face courses to the online environment.

Topics: Higher Education

Custom Training Ideas

Add custom training in Hoonuit that it can be searched for, recommended, assigned, and added to favorites.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development, Technology Implementation

Implement Technology on Campus with Fidelity

Don't build a technology wasteland. Implement with fidelity!

Topics: Higher Education