Capitalize on Your LMS Functionality

Learning management systems can help instructors tailor instruction to their tech-savvy students’ needs — but only if they know how to use them to full effect.

Topics: Higher Education

Helping Students Develop Critical Skills to Succeed in Higher Education

Colleges and universities need to invest in flexible eLearning tools to ensure that their students succeed during their first year — and beyond.

Topics: Higher Education

The Importance of Faculty Development

The offering of robust online and blended courses is a growing demand, and it will only continue to progress.

Topics: Online Learning, Higher Education, Professional Development

Giving First Year Students the Tools to Succeed

High school graduates are often unprepared for college curricula. Find out how college faculty can leverage eLearning tools to bring every student up to speed.

Topics: Higher Education

Preventing College Dropout

A recent report shows that almost 50% of students who enroll in college never complete a degree. Here we examine the factors that contribute to college dropout.

Topics: Higher Education

How Community Colleges Can Use eLearning Campus-Wide

E-learning platforms can equip and empower faculty and enable students to take advantage of every opportunity that two-year colleges have to offer.

Topics: Higher Education

Loyola University: Overcoming Obstacles Using Technology

We spoke to education technologist Sarah Kentner about striking a balance between new and old when it comes to technology in the classroom.

Topics: Higher Education, Customer Spotlight

Hoonuit Commits to Accessible Content

Hoonuit is making a point to having compliant content under Section 508 and WCAG. Learn more about how we have and will continue to make our PD courses accessible.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development, Accessibility Requirements

The Importance of Meeting Accessibility Requirements

Accessibility is about giving every student an equal chance at academic success. That means making online resources and information systems easy to use for students with disabilities.

Topics: Higher Education, Accessibility Requirements

Hoonuit’s “Keys to Networking and Internships” Module Gives Tips for Student Confidence in Job Search

Learn the tips and tricks for students to go through the career search process with confidence.

Topics: Higher Education, Professional Development, student success