How Data Makes Continuous School Improvement a Rewarding and Achievable Goal

Districts can leverage technology to make continuous school improvement an achievable and rewarding challenge for school leadership.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Data Literacy, School Improvement

5 Considerations for Building a Data-Informed Culture

Data is powerful and, when used appropriately, can increase productivity. However, it often feels like an overwhelming task. Discover five important considerations to alleviate anxiety and build an effective data-informed culture.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Data Literacy

Why a Continuous Improvement Mindset Is Critical in Today’s Schools

Adopting a continuous improvement mindset enables districts to affect positive long-term change.

Topics: Data Literacy, School Improvement

Technology & Instructional Team Collaboration in Tacoma Public Schools

Encouraging collaboration between technology and instructional teams is key to creating a district-wide data culture.

Topics: Professional Development, Data & Analytics, Data Literacy

Research Debrief: What Does It Mean for Teachers to Be Data Literate — Laying Out the Skills, Knowledge, and Dispositions

Many educators continue to struggle with data literacy, in part because it’s not always clear what “data literacy” entails.

Topics: Data Literacy

Data Literacy: Best Practices to Derive Meaningful Information from Data

In today’s schools, data-driven decision-making is a must — but educators don’t always receive the training they need to make sense of student data.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Data Literacy

Creating a Data-Driven Culture

“Data” is an intimidating term for many educators, largely because many districts don’t teach — or encourage — them to wield it.

Topics: culture, Professional Development, Data Management, Data & Analytics, Data Literacy

Professional Development is Key to Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data-driven decision-making is essential to providing education that is tailored to each student's unique needs.

Topics: Professional Development, Data Literacy

Creating a Data-Informed Culture

Data is powerful and can increase productivity by 5-6 percent if used appropriately and fortunately there is an unprecedented amount of data available to schools now. However, many of the school districts we work with tell us they are data rich but information poor.

Topics: culture, Data & Analytics, Data Literacy