Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Interventions

Two decades of wide-ranging experience have shown me the importance of data-driven decision-making.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Using Data in Education to Positively Impact Student Outcomes

When used properly, data can help educators do everything from raise high school graduation rates to improve gender equality in math classes.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Research Debrief: Cross-Agency Data Governance

Broad-based data is a critical part of 21st-century education, but it can be difficult to orchestrate at a high level.

Topics: Data & Analytics

7 Ways Education Administrators Should be Using Data to Drive Student Achievement

Find out how district leaders can use data analysis to make more informed decisions — and bolster student success.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Research Debrief: Teachers Know Best — Making Data Work for Teachers and Students

Maximizing high school graduation rates is no longer enough — school districts must prepare every student to succeed in college.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Data Literacy: Best Practices to Derive Meaningful Information from Data

In today’s schools, data-driven decision-making is a must — but educators don’t always receive the training they need to make sense of student data.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Data Literacy

Using Data to Impact All Students

Placed in the right hands at the right time, student data can empower educators, legislators, and parents to create learning environments that work for all.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Educating the Whole Child: Combining SEL, CCR, and Early Warning Data

The whole child is more than a specific set of data. Educators need access to holistic insight and the ability to collaborate to become successful data-driven decision makers.

Topics: Social Emotional Learning, Early Warning & Intervention, College & Career Readiness, Data & Analytics

Creating a Data-Driven Culture

“Data” is an intimidating term for many educators, largely because many districts don’t teach — or encourage — them to wield it.

Topics: Data Management, Data & Analytics, Professional Development, culture, Data Literacy

Customer Spotlight: The Transformative Power of Data in Fayette County and Tempe School Districts

Fayette County Public Schools and the Tempe Elementary School District have both seen the tangible benefits of district-wide data aggregation.

Topics: Customer Spotlight, Data & Analytics