Use Predictive Analytics to Empower Educators

Predictive data platforms spot at-risk students earlier, helping administrators, teachers, and parents ensure every student graduates.

Topics: Early Warning, Data & Analytics

The State of Accountability Reporting Under ESSA

Where is your state accountability reporting at? Do you have an approved proposal or is it still in flux?

Topics: ESSA, Data & Analytics

From Detection to Perfection: How Data Can Help Uncover the True Challenge

Understanding the cause of any problem in your district is only half the battle — you must also prove the efficacy of your solution.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Data-Driven Educators: Best Practices for Intervention

Hoonuit not only alerts educators when a student is in trouble but also assists them in implementing interventions with fidelity.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Creating a “Cradle to Career” Student-Centered System

Improving long-term outcomes for students requires a commitment to tracking “the whole child” — from kindergarten through post-secondary outcomes and beyond.

Topics: Data & Analytics

ROI: Getting the Most From Your Budget

Thanks to innovations in technology and an increase in testing, there is an unprecedented amount of data available to schools now.

Topics: Data & Analytics, ROI, Budget

Why Districts Are Struggling To Efficiently Meet ESSA Data Reporting Requirements

ESSA sets more holistic standards for school districts to succeed — however, it complicates the way that metrics are reported.

Topics: ESSA, Data & Analytics

Introducing Hoonuit's Early Warning Solution

Hoonuit's new Early Warning tool uses predictive analytics to proactively identify at-risk students and keep them on track to graduation.

Topics: EdTech, Data Management, New Product Launch, Data & Analytics, Early Warning & Intervention, Technology in the Classroom, Product Update

Solving for Why: How Improved Risk Identification Reduces High School Dropout

Identifying dropout risk factors in students can be an intensely biased and siloed process. Here’s how data-driven tools can empirically identify risk early.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Early Warning & Intervention

Data-Driven vs. Student-Driven Education

Data-driven and student-driven education have long been in contention with one-another, and some believe that they cannot coexist.

Topics: culture, Data & Analytics