How Teachers Can Make Sense of Educational Data

A combination of accessible professional development and powerful data-centric technology can help educators transform raw data into actionable insights.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Become a Data Hero

Hoonuit’s data solutions empower educators to focus on bigger, more ambitious initiatives.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Solution Showcase: Classroom Dashboards

In order to enable educators with analytics, the data needs to be presented in a format that provides the most relevant information at the right time. To empower teachers, we've created a classroom dashboard so all the key information they need is at their fingertips.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Solution Showcase

Running a Data Analytics Program: 9 Red Flags to Watch For

Launching a data analytics program is only half the battle. Watch out for these red flags to ensure yours delivers as anticipated.

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Solution Showcase: The Hoonuit Data Model Explorer

Hoonuit's Data Model Explorer makes make it easy for a user to see all the different data that exist and how they interact. As a result, we can tell our clients the quality of their information, where specific data is used, how it's used, what it is, and how it gets to its specific location in the data model.

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How Data Makes Continuous School Improvement a Rewarding and Achievable Goal

Districts can leverage technology to make continuous school improvement an achievable and rewarding challenge for school leadership.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Data Literacy, School Improvement

5 Considerations for Building a Data-Informed Culture

Data is powerful and, when used appropriately, can increase productivity. However, it often feels like an overwhelming task. Discover five important considerations to alleviate anxiety and build an effective data-informed culture.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Data Literacy

What School Leadership Tracking Means for Districts

Leader tracking systems enable district administrators to apply research-based data analytics to the principal hiring process.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Human Capital, Leadership Tracking

Predictive Analytics 101 for Educators

“Predictive analytics” is the latest buzzword — but what do predictive analytics mean for teachers, administrators, and schools?

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It’s Time to Transform the At-Risk Identification Process

Discover how access to a wholistic view, near real-time updates, predictive analytics, and data visualizations are transforming the process of identifying at-risk students.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Early Warning & Intervention