Educator Story: How EdTech Can Support College and Career Readiness Curricula

We spoke to college and career readiness facilitator Sarah Pewitt about how she’s using Hoonuit to prepare upcoming high school graduates for the future.

Topics: Customer Spotlight, College & Career Readiness

Loyola University: Overcoming Obstacles Using Technology

We spoke to education technologist Sarah Kentner about striking a balance between new and old when it comes to technology in the classroom.

Topics: Higher Education, Customer Spotlight

Educator Story: Personalizing Learning in the Classroom

Rachelle Dene Poth is an educator who is taking an innovative approach to personalized learning. She talks to Hoonuit about how she is rethinking the traditional classroom.

Topics: Professional Development, Customer Spotlight, Personalized Learning

Customer Spotlight: South Western School District

Using Hoonuit’s professional development solution, Pennsylvania’s South Western School District has made educator learning a focus for the district, providing teachers with high-quality resources to help them reach their professional goals.

Topics: Professional Development, Customer Spotlight

Customer Success Story: Oklahoma City Public Schools

Using Hoonuit’s intuitive platform, the Oklahoma City Public School District managed to consolidate and streamline its PD processes.

Topics: Professional Development, Customer Spotlight