Claudio at TCEA 2018

The 38th annual convention featured over 1,000 sessions and hands-on workshops for educators to learn best practices for integrating technology across their campuses, classrooms, and libraries.

Topics: Connected Educator, Learning Ambassadors, Professional Development, K12, Educator Story

Chronic Absenteeism: How Should Educators Intervene?

Chronic absenteeism can only be corrected when teachers, administrators, parents, and students work together.

Topics: Connected Educator, Early Warning & Intervention

Chronic Absenteeism: What Are Its Causes, and How Can Teachers Detect Them?

Discover how teachers can detect chronic absenteeism — and take action.

Topics: Connected Educator, Early Warning & Intervention

Teacher Success Story: The Process of Intervention

Leslie Anaya has achieved remarkable results by treating each student as an individual — and integrating technology into the process of intervention.

Topics: Connected Educator, Early Warning & Intervention

Why We Give It 100 Percent

A recent customer visit reminded me why we work so hard at Hoonuit — to empower educators, optimize their institutions, and transform teaching and learning.

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8 Popular and Recommended Courses for K-12 Educators

These are the valuable new skills that equip today’s educators to lead.

Topics: Connected Educator, K12

4 Educational Resources Professors Need

Technology has not only changed the way students learn — it’s also transformed the way educators teach and engage with students.

Topics: Connected Educator, Higher Education

The Connected Educator

The importance of knowing that we aren't the experts at everything and that reaching out for guidance and inspiration is more about growth than it is about deficit.

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