Using Data to Take Action: Transforming the Way We Prepare Students for College and Career

Turn your district’s data into targeted, actionable insights that will improve students’ college and career readiness.

Topics: College & Career Readiness

Educating the Whole Child: Combining SEL, CCR, and Early Warning Data

The whole child is more than a specific set of data. Educators need access to holistic insight and the ability to collaborate to become successful data-driven decision makers.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Early Warning & Intervention, College & Career Readiness, Social Emotional Learning

Educator Story: How EdTech Can Support College and Career Readiness Curricula

We spoke to college and career readiness facilitator Sarah Pewitt about how she’s using Hoonuit to prepare upcoming high school graduates for the future.

Topics: Customer Spotlight, College & Career Readiness

The State of College and Career Readiness

In today’s rapidly-changing labor landscape, helping students augment their college and career readiness has become an increasingly pressing task for educators across the country.

Topics: College & Career Readiness

Research Debrief: Using Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems to Support College and Career Readiness

States are beginning to draw on longitudinal data to highlight college and career student outcomes. We break down how this data can inform new educational strategies and examine the results states are already seeing.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Research, College & Career Readiness

How Will ESSA Impact College and Career Readiness?

Although it doesn't mandate it directly, ESSA has inspired many states to augment their college and career readiness efforts in a variety of ways.

Topics: ESSA, Data & Analytics, College & Career Readiness