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Professional learning has recently made a shift to be more collaborative and intensive. Because of this shift, it is crucial that professional learning is effective and being fully retained by educators to successfully make impacts in the classroom. Experiential learning or the concept of ‘learning through reflection on doing’ builds skills and confidence in a new topic and facilitates a sense of curiosity, collaboration, and actionability. Providing application-based learning to your staff is key in making any professional learning worthwhile. In fact, statistics yield a 75% retention rate of information when learning a new subject and then immediately applying the new knowledge, compared to simply listening to or watching videos, searching for online content or consuming content on social media (www.officedynamcis.com).


At Hoonuit, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive, outcome and application-based solution that serves up relevant videos which can be immediately applied through hands-on activities. We have created our learning framework with teachers in mind, so they feel empowered to have the resources they need to be successful in the classroom.


Enhanced Learning Experiences with Hoonuit Framework


With application-based learning being a critical component in gaining a deeper understanding of a topic, Hoonuit has created a Learning Framework that hones the learning experience with tangible outcomes. Our framework follows the Understanding by Design framework, which guides learners to first look at the objectives before putting what they need into action. Through collaborating with our community of subject matter experts, we have been able to create a robust library of modules that all follow the learning framework. Learners will start by understanding the learning objectives of the course to have a place to measure their knowledge against. From there, learners will watch bite-sized videos on a topic, then immediately put into practice what they just learned by doing a hands-on activity. After the completion of the activity, insights are shared with our community to gain feedback and collaborate. Finally, a post-module assessment is administered as a final test of the knowledge learned.


Apply Learning to Real Life with Hoonuit’s DoIt Activity


The first application-based section of our learning framework, DoIts, allow learners to digest what they have learned through videos and apply that knowledge by accomplishing a relevant activity. We have seen that just absorbing information isn’t enough to fully retain it, so our DoIt activity challenges learners to focus on the new information and how it can immediately relate to them. Login now to see the DoIt from one of our latest module, “Getting the Year Started Right.”




Collaborate with Hoonuit’s Community through ShareIt Activity


The next section of our learning framework taps in to our extensive Hoonuit network. With over a million users in our network, learners work hand-in-hand with those that have either taken the same module or have expertise in a particular area. Collaboration is key in education and in learning a new concept because there is always someone else’s perspective and experience to leverage. Luckily, with our reliable network, a learner will find the collaboration they are looking for. Through our ShareIts, learners will take the activity they just completed and reach out to our community to gain feedback and see what other members have created of their own. This gives everyone the opportunity to glean additional information about the topic through the transfer of knowledge. Sharing information is a crucial part in validating your own knowledge and gaining other perspectives.




Test New Knowledge through ProveIt Assessment


The final way a learner can apply what they have just learned is through our ProveIt assessment. This is a concrete way to demonstrate understanding of core topics and prove a learners’ accomplishment in completing the full module. The assessment consists of basic questions that test comprehensive knowledge of a new topic. It brings together all the areas of the learning framework in one final review.  


Share Relevant Courses with Fellow Educators


Once finished with a complete module, there is the ability to share the individual course with anyone in a learner’s network. This provides learners with the ability to get fellow teachers on board with courses they enjoyed, found relevant, or aligned with their school or district initiatives. They can email or Tweet it out to others, sharing excitement around a useful professional learning experience.



Through intentional application-based steps in our learning framework, we set learners up to be successful, going beyond just providing videos, by putting new knowledge into action and collaborating with the Hoonuit community. It is our goal to create an engaging learning environment to ensure that the material is not only retained, but also practically applied, to drive student outcomes in the classroom. Our learning framework is designed with learners in mind, to continue to grow in their professional learning while being able to apply and collaborate throughout the learning process.


We want to bring a learning experience that will support your initiatives now and into the future and are confident that our comprehensive learning framework accomplishes this. To learn more about our learning framework and how our professional development can fit your needs, visit our Professional Development page.




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