Hoonuit Announces New Feature: Pathways

Posted by Megan Grossardt on Oct 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM




Personalization & Innovation.


That’s what you’re all talking about!


And we want to be a part of that conversation.


So to answer, we are excited to introduce a new enhancement to our professional development module system, Pathways.


Hoonuit users can utilize our new online Pathways solution that groups individual, but related modules together to make up a larger concept (i.e. Special Education Basics, Creating Your Online Courses). It enables you to work at your own pace to complete a 15+ hour module series to expand your knowledge on one overarching topic. There are required modules and then an assortment of elective modules that you can choose from to create personalization. All subjects align with state and national professional development standards, making it seamless and individualized to work toward re-licensure & ESSA requirements. But wait, there’s more!


Many of the Pathways give you the opportunity to earn one graduate credit through the University of North Dakota, due in part to our recent acquisition of Whitewater Learning. To earn the credit, you will work directly with an Instructor of Record at UND as you progress through the modules, receiving feedback on assignments completed through our “Do It” and “Share It” functions. A final reflection paper tying all the learnings together is all it takes to receive the credit.


Pathways strategically aligns with multiple categories and performance indicators, enhancing ways to support unique classroom dynamics, communicate with families and be increasingly effective in classroom teaching. PhD Founder of Whitewater Learning, Ann Zweber Werner believes that this acquisition was a natural next step because both companies “value reflection to take the content to deeper levels of personal meaning for authentic practice.” Providing a personalized and accredited way to advance professional development empowers educators to continue to grow in their education style.


Learn more about Pathways and check out our new addition in the news!



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