Data-Driven Educators: Best Practices for Intervention

Hoonuit not only alerts educators when a student is in trouble but also assists them in implementing interventions with fidelity.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Preparing to Teach Online

Translate face-to-face courses to the online environment.

Topics: Higher Education

Teacher Success Story: The Process of Intervention

Leslie Anaya has achieved remarkable results by treating each student as an individual — and integrating technology into the process of intervention.

Topics: Connected Educator, Early Warning & Intervention

Creating a “Cradle to Career” Student-Centered System

Improving long-term outcomes for students requires a commitment to tracking “the whole child” — from kindergarten through post-secondary outcomes and beyond.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Hoonuit's Customizable Course Authoring for Personalized PD

Learn how administrators are able to customize Hoonuit course content to align it to their specific district goals.

Topics: Professional Development, EdTech, Product Update

Why PD is Critical to Teacher Retention

Effective professional development programs not only support teachers as they grow in their careers, but can improve district-level teacher retention.

Topics: Professional Development

How to Use Student-Level Data to Improve College and Career Readiness

With this goal of preparing students for success in the real world, K12 benefits from information and data systems help students reach their highest potential.

Topics: K12, Early Warning

How to Identify a Student in Trouble

Identifying which students are struggling to keep up with their peers — and why — can be a challenge. Learn how the right data solution can help change that.

Topics: Early Warning, Early Warning & Intervention

What's New with Hoonuit

Learn more about recent updates from Hoonuit including new products, a new name and new team members!

Topics: Online Learning, Professional Development, EdTech, New Product Launch

Customer Success Story: Oklahoma City Public Schools

Using Hoonuit’s intuitive platform, the Oklahoma City Public School District managed to consolidate and streamline its PD processes.

Topics: Professional Development