Our Mission to Empower Educators

Posted by Paul Hesser on Jun 19, 2018 10:58:36 AM

Our Mission to Empower Educators


As a trusted education partner, it is our mission to empower educators with analytics and professional learning solutions to help educators acquire knowledge and turn insights into action to improve student outcomes.

I consider myself fortunate to have been able to forge my career around a single organizing principle: transformation. For nearly three decades, I’ve witnessed the power of digital innovation to make the good great and the great even better. From travel to product distribution to education, I’ve spent most of my professional life helping practitioners of all stripes become the best that they can be — through a thoughtful combination of technology, best practices, and professional learning.

My work in education has been uniquely fulfilling, as I have a deep personal connection to the field. Both of my sisters are educators, and my daughter recently earned a BS in bilingual elementary education. As I’ve watched my daughter prepare to enter the classroom this coming fall, my passion for empowering educators to help students has grown, and my gratitude for their hard work has become even more personal. I’ve been reminded of why I came to Hoonuit in the first place.

A Remarkable Opportunity for Progress

For educators, the last few years have brought new challenges — and with them, unprecedented new opportunities. The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in late 2015 introduced new expectations around personalized education, community engagement, and district accountability.

What’s more, many educators are being asked to meet these expectations without increased support: as of the 2015-2016 school year, 29 states were providing less per student funding than they were in 2008.

But while some may survey this landscape with trepidation, I choose to view it as an invaluable opportunity. We’re still very much in early days of data-driven education, and most schools simply don’t yet have the technological infrastructure necessary to tap into the full potential of their student data. That said, many of the imperatives outlined in ESSA pivot on data — some by the letter of the law, some merely as a matter of practice — meaning our first priority as a community must be making it easier for teachers and administrators to leverage data in an efficient, effective manner.

This, ultimately, is the impetus behind a platform like Hoonuit. Our work is focused in equipping teachers with the actionable, data-driven insights they need to deliver highly tailored education experiences to each and every student — and provide them with the professional learning experiences and training they need to do so.

A Solution for Every Setting

Each member of our diversely-skilled team — we’ve got people with backgrounds in tech, education, research, and more — is committed to helping educators better apply their talents in a way that positively impacts each student.

It has been a joy to watch the Hoonuit team work with educators who are making an impact in massive urban districts and small suburban districts, in private research universities and multi-campus community colleges, and even working with state and regional offices of education.

Watching my daughter become an educator has given me a greater appreciation for everything that goes on in the classroom, and I’m proud to lead a company whose foremost concern is empowering teachers, administrators, and students alike.


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