Our Commitment to Educators and Hoonuit Customers

Posted by Erin Surprise on Jul 10, 2018 1:34:23 PM

Our Commitment to Educators and Hoonuit Customers


Hoonuit’s customer success team helps educators beyond technical set-up and support.


It’s been just two months since I joined the Hoonuit team as Vice President of Customer Success, and my first few weeks on the job have already packed quite a punch. Between learning everything there is to know about our company’s mission and products and working with customers to develop action plans for districts across the country, I’ve had a front row seat to the kind of meaningful change that data analytics and aligned professional development can drive in educational settings.

More Than Just High Tech

What I find most rewarding about customer success, specifically, is that I’m able to work with districts to develop customized, innovative programs that support the specific needs of a district’s faculty and students. My role offers me the opportunity to assist districts as they improve operations, equip teachers to succeed, and ultimately, create an environment in which every student can thrive.

To that end, we work to go beyond just the technical efforts of getting the system set-up to truly empower educators with our solutions. When it comes to online professional learning, that means we focus on the initiatives that are critical for you. And when it comes to data analytics, it means we don’t just help educators gather or even understand their district’s data — we help them learn how to use that data effectively. We enable administrators to better understand systemic problems within their school districts, uniting disparate datasets to reveal actionable insights, empowering teachers act on those insights, and supporting the entire process with robust and applicable professional development resources.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

I know what you’re thinking — that all sounds great in theory, but what does it look like in practice?

I’ll give you an example. A Hoonuit customer was recently looking to overlay tardiness and attendance data with school bus routes to find out whether the two were related. We worked with them to visualize and analyze relevant datasets, ultimately unearthing phenomenal insight into how their school bus routes could be improved in order to help kids get to school on time. The data showed that there was an attendance problem among students from an urban neighborhood, and further investigation revealed that the bus stop was located on the far side of a very busy street that students couldn’t easily cross, making it difficult to catch the bus on time.

Given this crystal clear insight into the problem, the district moved the bus stop to the other side of the street and posted a crossing guard near the bus stop to assist students in the morning. After making these changes, the school saw not only improved attendance, but better grades and improved outcomes among the students who had previously been frequently tardy or absent. By working with our customer to creatively leverage the data available to them, my team was able to help the district identify a major problem and develop an achievable solution.

On the professional development side, I recently spoke with a customer whose district was introducing a new focus on personalized learning and project-based learning. As administrators were thinking about how best to implement a new PD program on a district-wide scale, they realized they would need to facilitate a fairly drastic cultural shift. By blending their existing PD initiatives with key elements of Hoonuit’s catalog, they were able to create a revamped but familiar PD program that educators felt comfortable with. The customized collaboration saw a successful roll out, meaningful changes in instruction, and ultimately, gains in student performance.


Helping Customers Envision What’s Possible


At Hoonuit, we are committed to partnering with our districts to enable success. From implementation and onboarding to technical support and training, it is exciting to see the team work closely with educators to turn their vision into a reality. We help school districts facilitate a culture that enables strategic, informed decision-making at every level. The roadmap we use to get there may look different for each district — but that’s ok. Our customer success team is there to navigate it with you. And I can’t express how excited I am to be a part of this team.


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