What's Coming This Summer to Support K12 Fall Initiatives

Posted by Megan Grossardt on May 24, 2018 1:54:29 PM



As the warm weather months are quickly upon us, we will be busy putting the finishing touches on many exciting new enhancements for you just in time for the ’18 - ’19 school year. These new developments will provide you with what you and your teachers will need to personalize learning for your students, drive teacher effectiveness and support new teachers in their transition into the classroom to ultimately impact student outcomes. Hoonuit is committed to supporting your initiatives today and in the future.


Although the season will bring an explosion of new updates, don't worry, you can still use our entire robust library of modules throughout the summer. You can even get competitive with our Summer PD contest. Sign up & learn more about how to get your teachers engaged & involved in the contest over the summer months here (with a chance to win $500)!


So what’s coming out in the fall?


Access to comprehensive PD solution

If you haven’t heard already, we have launched our Professional Learning Delivery System to create relevant, personalized and effective professional development for teachers in an equitable way. Being the only Delivery System in the market, our multi-faceted system gives schools and districts the ability to deliver the most valuable online learning to staff, teachers, students and even your surrounding community.


Personalize your professional learning

Through our Professional Learning Delivery System, you’ll be able to use our powerful Course Creation Toolkit, allowing you to fully customize your own course, learning pathway, assessment and will also give you the power to build your own micro-credential programs to fit your exact needs and initiatives. This toolkit allows you to start from scratch or fine-tune Hoonuit resources to align with your initiatives. It also allows for on-demand video encoding, transcriptions and closed captions, with the ability to translate the content in up to nine languages. Our Course Creation Toolkit allows you to create PD to help your teachers prepare to personalize learning for their students, which is incredibly important to ensure each student is being supported in the classroom based around their specific learning needs.


course creation

Track PD results seamlessly

Included in the delivery system is our sophisticated PD reporting. You’ll be able to easily track your usage over the summer and into the school year to monitor the progress of your initiatives. You'll experience the new look and feel of our reporting very soon. It’s simplified and streamlined to give you the information you need while making it easy to read and analyze. You can let the reporting guide your fall PD initiatives or help keep your teachers on track with the initiatives you already have in place. Reporting on your PD progress is crucial in ensuring your program is effective to your teachers, who will ultimately use what they’ve learned to impact student outcomes.




Effective professional development is such an important element to any overall school or district initiative, so we want to make sure administrators are equipped with what they need to fully align professional learning for their teachers within district initiatives.


How will they be able to do this?


Recommend relevant courses

Admins can not only customize each Hoonuit course, pathway, assessment and micro-credential program through the previously mentioned course creation toolkit but they can also assign or recommend the newly created content to their teachers. For example, admins who recognize that their district is focusing on supporting English language learners can directly align the assigned content to feature our modules about teaching to ELLs. Teachers will see the assigned or recommended courses right on their homepage, so they will know exactly what PD they should be focusing their time on. Admins will be able to track the progress their teachers are making and hold them accountable in order to easily report back on their district initiatives at the end of the year.


Support new teachers

Finally, supporting your new teachers this summer is critical to their success and retention. These teachers make up a unique subset of educators that need effective professional learning and support to thrive. In fact, if unsupported, 17% of new teachers leave within the first 5 years of teaching. This can cost your school or district thousands of dollars, which can affect PD efforts, teacher morale, and student outcomes. To help with the heavy lifting, we have designed a robust course selection that supports new teachers and the skills that they are looking for when starting their teaching career. We will continue to build this topic out, as we understand how important it is for new teachers to feel prepare and have the resources they need on-demand and personalized for them. Log in now to view all the courses that pertain to new teacher support.


Visit our Professional Development page to learn more about how these these new product enhancements coming to you this fall will support and align to your current and future initiatives.



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