Introducing Hoonuit's Early Warning Solution

Posted by Megan Grossardt on Oct 10, 2017 1:00:00 PM




We can all agree that our collective goal in the work we do in education is to continue to keep students on track to success, with an end objective being graduation. That, right there, can be one of the largest challenges you face because the starting point can be unclear, risk identifiers can be much subtler than anticipated and the path to getting a student back on track isn’t always straightforward. The ambiguity of how to consolidate all pieces of information is overwhelming.


There are several models out there with hundreds of tools that have proven to be effective intervention processes. What we have done is blended those models together not only to give you a consistent platform to identify, administer, track and evaluate interventions, but to do so around a workflow that saves you time. We know that to achieve the outcomes you care about, we need to improve your ability to assess risk and the effectiveness of interventions every day.

Hoonuit’s Early Warning solution succinctly gathers all available data from past and current students and uses predictive analytics to proactively reveal at risk students in your school. Our tool is personalized to fit your students’ and school’s exact needs, examining multiple success indicators simultaneously. But it doesn’t stop there.


We have implemented a streamlined process, bringing early warning records directly into our intervention solution that is comprehensive and data-focused. In addition, you can track the effectiveness of the data analysis and prevention program over time.


The innovative solution is unique because it taps into various data points including attendance, school program participation, academic performance and the support from the state. Past and current student information is taken and used to forecast the future success of students. The platform is extremely easy for users to analyze and implement interventions on the go.


Our unified Early Warning solution takes the challenging and emotional task of identifying troubled students early on by integrating cross-domain data points and creating a seamless solution that has long term positive impacts on students and their graduation. Circling back to the overarching goal of keeping students on the right path or if they are not, getting them back on track. We know that this process is a constant work in progress, so we strove to provide you with a systematic tool to guide you every step of the way.


Learn more about Early Warning here and check out the latest news on our exciting new solution!




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