Customer Spotlight: Riverland Community College

Posted by Dusty Nelson on May 22, 2018 10:47:32 AM

Customer Spotlight - Riverland Community College


Using Hoonuit’s professional development tools and technology training resources, Riverland Community College in Minnesota has been able to supplement staff training to meet the needs of educators and students.

A few years ago, Shawn Martin, Instructional Technology Coordinator at Riverland Community College in Minnesota, was one half of a department of two. As a member of a small, hard-working department that served three different campuses and approximately 4,000 students, he and his co-worker wore many hats.

Their responsibilities included supporting faculty and students in using new software and LMS tools like Brightspace (Desire2Learn), as well as training faculty to record their lectures — just to name a few. To support implementing new technology, their office was also called upon to help design, install, program, operate, and maintain these resources.

Finding a Simple Solution

Shawn and his co-worker quickly realized that they were responding to many of the same questions from different staff members. Faculty also provided feedback that students’ abilities to use Brightspace were especially lacking and that their overall experiences with the application were not positive.

To address these concerns, Riverland Community College decided to partner with Hoonuit. According to Shawn, the broad range of tutorials on topics like Brightspace and Microsoft Office Suite were especially appealing. These resources helped answer frequently-asked questions and provide a better experience for the students and faculty who were using the college’s technology. What’s more, faculty could easily incorporate Hoonuit modules into their existing LMS, meaning students could learn without leaving Brightspace.

By empowering faculty and students with access to relevant content whenever they needed it, Hoonuit saved the department a substantial amount of repetitive work, freeing them to focus on other important training and initiatives. More importantly, students and faculty across the campuses were able to gain essential technology skills using a robust library of vetted modules — all on their own time.

Helping Students Succeed

As students and faculty explored Hoonuit’s resources, faculty discovered more opportunities for both professional development (PD) and student success. Riverland has now started implementing Hoonuit content in writing classes, offering online courses on MLA and APA style, grammar 101, and the importance of avoiding plagiarism. Students also have access to a wide range of resources essential to academic success, including modules on how to be an effective online student, how best to prepare for a college workload, test-taking strategies, and research methods. Beyond academics, staff and students have been able to take advantage of skill-building modules designed to improve communication, persuasion and negotiation, resume writing, and other essential real-world competencies.

With Hoonuit’s help, Riverland Community College has worked to streamline access to new technology, as well as enable staff to become more knowledgeable and efficient. Faculty and students have had the chance to learn new applications, gain valuable skills, and take advantage of diverse eLearning resources.

Interested in learning more? Discover how Hoonuit can help your college or university by empowering educators and students to reach their full potential.

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