Our New Charitable Giving Program Puts Our Organizational Mission into Action

Posted by Paul Hesser on Mar 28, 2019 11:14:57 AM

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Hoonuit’s new charitable giving program drives to the very heart of our organizational mission: empower educators to improve student outcomes.

Our core mission at Hoonuit is to empower educators with knowledge and insights to help them improve student outcomes. We set off to accomplish this mission by equipping teachers with the actionable, data-driven insights and professional development they need to positively impact students’ lives. Unfortunately, sometimes a teacher’s needs are much more basic, but still go unfilled.

Educators’ Out-of-pocket Expenses Continue to Soar

I recently saw such a scenario play out before my eyes with my daughter, a first-year bilingual elementary teacher. While planning to enter the classroom for the first time, she quickly realized that her school didn’t have the resources she believed her students would need to succeed. After spending some of her own money and discussing this challenge with her peers, she discovered that crowdfunding may be a way to pay for the books she needed to fill her bilingual classroom library.

Unfortunately, she’s far from alone: 94 percent of public school teachers in the United States report that they’ve paid for supplies out of their own pockets without reimbursement from their school or district. On average, these teachers spend $479 of their own money every year to purchase classroom supplies and student instructional materials.

There are a variety of complex reasons why so many educators are forced to bridge “funding gaps” themselves, and while nobody likes that this is the case, the reality is that things aren’t likely to change anytime soon. Be that as it may, grappling with this state of affairs (particularly my daughter’s own experience), led me to recognize a wonderful opportunity for Hoonuit to give educators a helping hand — a way to “walk the walk” of our organizational mission.

Empowering One Educator at a Time

Earlier this year, Hoonuit partnered with DonorsChoose to launch a new charitable giving program. The program officially went live in January, and since then, we’ve already contributed to a number of diverse projects requested by teachers within our customer base.

For one project, we purchased a “Teaching Diversity and Tolerance” kit for a group of 19 San Juan, Texas, elementary school students. Their teacher, Mrs. Salazar, says this kit will help her expose her students to “new countries, cultures, and traditions,” offering them “global insight” and “inspiring new dreams, goals, and visions.”

Thank you notes written by students

In Fayette County, Kentucky, we contributed to a project that enabled Mrs. Thayer to give each of her 120 middle school students a book of their own to take home and keep. “While it may be shocking,” she said, “several of my students do not own a single book in their home.”

Additionally, our charitable giving program has purchased a color printer for a pre-K classroom in Laredo, Texas, and contributed to the purchase of sports equipment for 35 fourth graders in Long Beach, California.

While we work on some pretty sophisticated data analytics initiatives here at Hoonuit, we’re equally committed to staying close to what’s happening on the ground in the classrooms we serve. And though our data platform helps drive meaningful long-term improvements to student outcomes, sometimes the best way to help teachers and students is to address a simple problem right away.

We’re proud to be able to do both, and moving forward, we’ll continue to explore ways — big, small, simple, and complex — to empower educators each and every day.


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