Shivani Stumpf

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Become a Data Hero

Hoonuit’s data solutions empower educators to focus on bigger, more ambitious initiatives.

Topics: Data & Analytics

What School Leadership Tracking Means for Districts

Leader tracking systems enable district administrators to apply research-based data analytics to the principal hiring process.

Topics: Data & Analytics, Human Capital, Leadership Tracking

Our Commitment to Data Interoperability

As software tools gain an increasingly prominent place in classrooms and district offices alike, data interoperability has never been more important.

Topics: Data & Analytics

ISTE Focus Group Reflection: Professional Learning Experiences

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a group of educators at ISTE 2018 — here are the successes, challenges, and concerns they shared with me.

Topics: Professional Development

ISTE Focus Group Reflection: Data Management and Analytics

We sat down with a group of educators at ISTE 2018 to find out what they’re looking for in a data management solution.

Topics: Data & Analytics

Why We Give It 100 Percent

A recent customer visit reminded me why we work so hard at Hoonuit — to empower educators, optimize their institutions, and transform teaching and learning.

Topics: Connected Educator