Jaime Donally

Jaime Donally
Jaime Donally is a passionate technology enthusiast. She began her career as a math teacher and later moved into Instructional Technology. Her passion to build relationships have brought about opportunities to collaborate with students and educators around the world. She provides staff development and training on trending technology topics. Her latest adventures include the startup of Global Maker Day, #ARVRinEDU and the Hoonuit Learning Ambassador Program.

Recent Posts

How to Develop and Find Value in a PLN

I was worried that social media and connecting virtually might be a waste of time. However, I have been able to build a strong network of educators that have helped me grow and inspire me. Here are a few tips I would recommend so you can do the same.

Topics: Professional Development, PLN

The Importance of Health, Wellness, and Emotional Wellbeing Among Educators

To be at their best for their students, teachers first have to take care of themselves. And they shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Topics: Social Emotional Learning

Core Teacher Competencies for Personalized Learning

Providing instruction that is tailored to each student’s unique needs is essential to success as a teacher, but it requires a unique skill-set.

Topics: Personalized Learning

Professional Development is Key to Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data-driven decision-making is essential to providing education that is tailored to each student's unique needs.

Topics: Professional Development, Data Literacy

Educator Story: How EdTech Can Support College and Career Readiness Curricula

We spoke to college and career readiness facilitator Sarah Pewitt about how she’s using Hoonuit to prepare upcoming high school graduates for the future.

Topics: Customer Spotlight, College & Career Readiness

The Personal Impact of Accessibility

American public schools have taken encouraging steps toward delivering instruction that is accessible to all students, but there’s more work to be done.

Topics: Accessibility Requirements

How Technology Helps Teachers Personalize Learning

Edtech empowers teachers to connect with students, makes classes more engaging, and helps teachers track student success.

Topics: Technology in the Classroom

Loyola University: Overcoming Obstacles Using Technology

We spoke to education technologist Sarah Kentner about striking a balance between new and old when it comes to technology in the classroom.

Topics: Higher Education, Customer Spotlight

Educator Story: Personalizing Learning in the Classroom

Rachelle Dene Poth is an educator who is taking an innovative approach to personalized learning. She talks to Hoonuit about how she is rethinking the traditional classroom.

Topics: Professional Development, Customer Spotlight, Personalized Learning

AR & VR Module

Finding the right AR & VR resource for our classrooms may be an overwhelming challenge, so we have compiled these tools for your successful implementation.

Topics: Professional Development, New Module