Bradford Harris

Bradford Harris
My name is Bradford Harris and I am the Instructional Technology Specialist at Eckert Intermediate for Aldine ISD. This will be my 8th year in education. Man, where does the time go!? For the first 6 years I was a language arts and science and social studies teacher. How in the world does that work? Well, My first year I taught language arts and then the following 5 years I taught science and social studies. I am now in my 8th year of education where I serve as a Instructional Technology Specialist or iTech. I thought that it was just impossible for me to teach science and social studies because I had such a hard time with it in school. However, I loved it because it gave me a chance to see how the world works from an elementary perspective. It lends itself to collaborate with others on a student and adult level. If you don't understand how our world works, simply retake your 4th and 5th grade elementary classes. You will be amazed at how so simplistic the world really can be. Because of my love for science and social studies, I began to pursue my masters. I received my undergraduate degree in Radio and Television from Sam Houston State University (Eat 'em Up Kats!). I went on to get my masters of science degree in Education Media Design Technology from Full Sail University. To view an example of how I used technology in the classroom view my old school website. I am married with two kids and two dogs. I like to write and I consider myself a creative person. I am a musician in my spare time and I dabble in creating videos and interactive things.
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