Customer Spotlight: Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Kern County, California, is striving for better student outcomes in its school districts, and Hoonuit is proud to join the effort as its data partner.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’re so inspired by all the great work we see educators doing — this week and every other week of the year.

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Customer Spotlight: How Three Georgia School Districts are Rethinking School Leadership Development

A consortium of three Georgia school districts and one local university chose Hoonuit as its partner in building an ambitious leader tracking system.

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Using Data to Take Action: Integrating Professional Development into Dashboards

Integrating professional development resources into data dashboards empowers teachers to take precise, meaningful action.

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Customer Spotlight: Eugene School District

Oregon’s Eugene School District 4J is leveraging data to improve student outcomes by helping its educators provide tailored support to at-risk students.

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How Teachers Can Make Sense of Educational Data

A combination of accessible professional development and powerful data-centric technology can help educators transform raw data into actionable insights.

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Customer Spotlight: Mesa Public Schools

Mesa Public Schools has partnered with Hoonuit to drive meaningful improvements to student outcomes across the district.

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Become a Data Hero

Hoonuit’s data solutions empower educators to focus on bigger, more ambitious initiatives.

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Our New Charitable Giving Program Puts Our Organizational Mission into Action

Hoonuit’s new charitable giving program drives to the very heart of our organizational mission: empower educators to improve student outcomes.

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Solution Showcase: Classroom Dashboards

In order to enable educators with analytics, the data needs to be presented in a format that provides the most relevant information at the right time. To empower teachers, we've created a classroom dashboard so all the key information they need is at their fingertips.

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