Exploring Minecraft with Force and Motion

Not only am I playing a game, but I am applying different science concepts and math!

Topics: K12, Minecraft, Science, Force and Motion

My First NASA Social: A Summer Professional Development Experience

Ever wonder how you could connect with NASA? NASA Social has meetups at different NASA facilities across the country. In order to attend one of these amazing events, all you have to do is apply.

Topics: Professional Development, Back to School, NASA

Chromebook Crazy

There are so many things that make me crazy for Chromebooks. I have always loved Chromebooks for their ease when accessing G Suite and living in a Google Ecosystem, but lately, they have become even more!

The Learning Ambassador Experience

The Hoonuit Ambassador Program is a game changer. It is a humbling and electrifying experience to connect with brilliant educators who are equally passionate in their classrooms. The Ambassadors are “Teacher’s Teachers.” Their knowledge knows no bounds and their willingness to share is nothing short of remarkable.

Topics: Learning Ambassador

The Connected Educator

The importance of knowing that we aren't the experts at everything and that reaching out for guidance and inspiration is more about growth than it is about deficit.

Topics: Connected Educator, globally connected

Learning Ambassadors Back to School Resources

We’ve had an exciting summer with our Learning Ambassadors as we connected at conferences and virtual events. As the summer has come to a close, our Ambassadors have been reflecting on back to school resources that will help you have a successful start of the school year.

Topics: Learning Ambassadors, Back to School

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Learn how digital transformation can give your higher education institution an edge and explore how to overcome some of the most challenging barriers.

Topics: Higher Education, Technology Skills, Digital Transformation

Making Room for Makerspaces

You may have heard educators and creative folks discussing the #MakerMovement and the establishment of #makerspaces.

Topics: makerspace

What Does ESSA mean for your PD?

If you’re a teacher (or started your education career as one), have you ever woke up to prepare for a day of learning with great anticipation that today would be the day?

Topics: Professional Development, ESSA

Creating a Data-Informed Culture

Thanks to innovations in technology and an increase in testing, there is an unprecedented amount of data available to schools now.

Topics: culture, data