The Good, The Bad, The PD

Effective teachers can engage students in a way that brings inclusion, connectivity and meaningful learning to their classroom. Professional Development of teachers must be built around the idea of supporting the factors that make an effective teacher.

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The Importance of Faculty Development

The offering of robust online and blended courses is a growing demand, and it will only continue to progress.

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Building a Growth Mindset Culture

"Building the relationship with your staff that consists of constructive actionable feedback that shows the educator what was done well, what can be improved upon and gives them actionable steps that they can do to better the lesson/situation."

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Hardin Simmons University: Growing a Mission Through Online Learning

We sat down with Scott Hamm, the Director of Online Education at Hardin Simmons University, to find out how eLearning helped the university expand its mission.

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Customer Spotlight: Santa Clara County Office of Education Is Using Data to Change Outcomes

Leveraging data to improve student outcomes can be challenging, but Santa Clara County has developed a powerful, forward-thinking solution.

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Research Debrief: What Does It Mean for Teachers to Be Data Literate — Laying Out the Skills, Knowledge, and Dispositions

Many educators continue to struggle with data literacy, in part because it’s not always clear what “data literacy” entails.

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Giving First Year Students the Tools to Succeed

High school graduates are often unprepared for college curricula. Find out how college faculty can leverage eLearning tools to bring every student up to speed.

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7 Ways Education Administrators Should be Using Data to Drive Student Achievement

Find out how district leaders can use data analysis to make more informed decisions — and bolster student success.

Topics: Data & Analytics

A Roadmap to Building an SEL Program

These six simple steps will help your school district implement an effective Social and Emotional Learning program for students in grades K-12.

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Building Social Capital Through a Learning Network

We work to develop lasting relationships with students, parents, teachers, and families, but our reach can extend beyond those groups.

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